How do you get the most out of your relationship with a Primary Care Physician?

David Lingholm

| 1 min read

Even to those of us in the health insurance industry, keeping track of every acronym used can be confusing. And we can sometimes forget that when we start using acronyms without telling a non-industry person what they mean, it can be frustrating for everyone.
Two of the common acronyms we use a lot are PCP, which is Primary Care Physician, and PCMH, which is Patient Centered Medical Home. Both terms have a very practical purpose, and knowing how to use your PCP or your PCMH effectively can go a long way toward making sure you are getting the best care possible.
In this podcast, I talked with Dr. George Kipa, BCBSM’s deputy chief medical officer, in more detail about why you need to have a relationship with the people behind the acronym.

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