Angelina Truchan

I’m a Wayne State University Public Relation's student with a minor in Latino/a and Latin American Studies. I enjoy writing about all things related to health and wellness. When I’m not in class or interning at the Blues, you’ll find me exploring Detroit with family or friends.
Food and Recipes

Cancer-Fighting Recipe Roundup

Check out these nutritional recipes geared toward lowering your risk of developing cancer.

garlic shrimp and spinach over quinoa
Food and Recipes

Vegetarian Recipes Perfect for the Holidays

Enjoy these dietitian-approved vegetarian recipes this holiday season.


Lansing Overpass Gets New Life as #Penn4People Mural

Lansing community members proudly painted a new mural, #Penn4People, in partnership with Lansing Economic Area Partnership.

Volunteers paint a freeway overpass
Food and Recipes

Eat the Rainbow with These Colorful Recipes

Make sure you’re getting all of your essential nutrients throughout the day with these rainbow-themed recipes.

Fruit rainbow pizza on a plate.

Experiencing Burnout at Work? Consider a Silent Retreat

Have you ever considered going on a silent retreat? Learn more about what a silent retreat is and the associated benefits.


You Snooze, You Lose: Think Before You Reach for that Alarm

Next time you reach for the snooze button, think again. Learn why you may be losing out on healthy sleep.


I Limited My Cell Phone Use for One Work Week and This Is What Happened

Hear from one of our A Healthier Michigan team members who decided to limit her cell phone use for a full work week. This is what she learned.


Coping with the Loss of a Pet

Consider some of these remedies to get yourself (or a loved one) through the loss of a pet.


I Tried Hypnosis for My IBS and It Worked

Have you ever thought of trying hypnosis as a remedy to heal an ailment? Hear from a young woman who used hypnosis to treat her IBS.


PTSD Awareness: Signs & Symptoms

Learn the four common symptoms of PTSD that may affect those recovering from a traumatic experience.


What Your Body Language is Saying About You

Are nonverbal signals getting in the way of what you’re trying to say? Find out if you’re unintentionally sending the wrong message.


How to Avoid the Post-Vacation Blues

Learn how to relieve anxiety that comes with the end of a great vacation. You’re not the only one feeling blue!

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