Ameerah Shakoor

Ameerah is a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan intern and current student at Howard University in Washington D.C., striving to obtain her Bachelors in Journalism (with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Spanish), finishing in the fall of 2018. Her hobbies include singing karaoke, cooking, listening to Celia Cruz, and window shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue. She currently resides in West Bloomfield with her parents, brother, and dog, a Bichon named Bosco.

Aloe ‘Bout Aloe Vera: 15 Uses for this Miracle Plant

Besides having decorative greenery in your home, the real benefit of growing aloe vera is the millions of uses it has.

how to use aloe vera

Mitten Movies: 15 Films You Didn’t Know Were Made in Michigan

The same reasons Michigan is a popular tourist destination make it an ideal place for a movie set. Find out which popular films were made right here!

Movies made in Michigan

Traveling? 5 Exercises You Can Do in Your Hotel Room

There’s no need to slack on your workout routine just because you’re on vacation or traveling for work. Check out these five simple moves you can do anywhere!

how to exercise anywhere
Food and Recipes

Gardening Problems? 5 Tips to Keep Your Plants Happy

Want a garden but convinced that your thumb isn’t very green? Follow our tips to enjoy a bountiful harvest!

tips to keep your garden happy
Food and Recipes

Michigan Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes {Recipe Inside}

It features a brown butter cupcake, fresh strawberry and orange compote filling and vanilla whipped cream frosting. (A little indulgence is okay from time to time.)

strawberry shortcake cupcakes
Food and Recipes

Keepin’ it Green with Collard Greens: Making Soul Food the Healthy Way

Love soul food but hate that it tends to be on the unhealthy side? Check out our tips for transforming a standard collard greens recipe.

Collard Greens

Fast and Fit: 3 Questions with NASCAR Driver Brad Keselowski

It is no secret that race car driving is a physically demanding sport—high temperatures, high speeds, and high adrenaline are all involved. But have you ever wondered what it takes for a race car driver to stay in tip top condition?

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