Simple Ways to Love Yourself Every Day

If you’re someone who talks or thinks negatively about yourself sometimes, you’re not alone. Too often people focus on external approval. They may think or say things like, “I need to lose weight,” or “I’m a bad friend.” But it’s important to love yourself for who you are today.

It’s just as Buddha said –“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Here are ways you can focus on self care every day of the year:

Talk to yourself positively: Negative self-talk is when you criticize yourself, whether it’s in your head or out loud. While most people do it every now and then, doing it too much can result in low self-esteem. To stop your negative self-talk in its tracks, try thinking, “Would I say this to my best friend?” It helps you see how toxic those thoughts really are and that you deserve better. Keeping a journal can help you focus your thoughts. Try writing down three reasons you are loved, amazing or blessed every night. Focusing on the positive reshapes your mood and attitude.

Get out and be active: The endorphins that are released when you exercise make you feel happier and better about yourself. Plus, there’s an extra feel-good boost that comes from knowing you’re doing something positive for your health! Treating your body right by working out regularly is the best way to show it love. Commit to one walk a day – feel free to bring your dog or a family member or go solo and use it as a time to clear your mind.

Get your creativity flowing: Creativity is a form of self-expression and is a great way to embrace and express your unique ideas and passions. Experts agree that self-love and creativity often go hand-in-hand, so try journaling, singing, dancing, painting or crafting every chance you get.

Listen to what your body is telling you: To love yourself, you need to make a point to be tuned in and listen to your body’s signals. If you routinely ask yourself how you’re feeling in the moment, you can make small changes and improvements in response to the answer. If you’re feeling down after seeing an old friend, think about whether you’ve grown apart. If you’re feeling lonely and don’t know why, do something that makes you happy like going for a walk with your dog. If you’re feeling sick, let your body rest to get better. Honoring your inner voice leads to an in-tune body, which works for you, not against you.

Self-love can be a complicated thing. For more insight into how to be happier in your own skin, check out these other posts:

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