Halloween Treats that Aren’t Scary to Make

Char-boo-terie, char-spook-erie…or scare-cuterie? A charcuterie board makes for a crowd-pleasing hostess contribution as it is customizable based on party size and feature offerings to please various taste buds. It also makes for a festive treat to bring to a Halloween get-together – because walking into a party empty-handed can be frightening.

Whatever you decide to call it, here are some kid-friendly ideas on how to make your charcuterie offerings extra spooky:

  • Spider web guacamole. Start with homemade or store-bought guacamole in a bowl. Place a dollop of sour cream in a snack-size zip bag and cut a small hole in the corner. Squeeze the sour cream through to “draw” a web on top of the guacamole. Be sure to provide some cut veggies and tortilla chips for serving.
  • Olive eyeballs. Carve out a small spot at the top of a small mozzarella balls/pearls and place an olive in the hole. Wrap the mozzarella balls with salami and securing them with a toothpick.
  • Pretzel eyes are watching you. Place edible eyes on dark chocolate-covered pretzels using melted chocolate as the “glue.”
  • Strawberry ghosts. Make white chocolate-covered strawberry ghosts with mini chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth.
  • Pretzel brooms. Cut mozzarella sticks in thirds and cut 1/8-inch slits, leaving ¼-inch uncut at the base. Turn the mozzarella to the side and repeat the cuts to make broom bristles. Secure a pretzel stick by broom handle by inserting it into the uncut area.
  • Festive Brie. Cut a wheel of Brie cheese in half and use a pumpkin-shaped or ghost-shaped cookie cutter to cut out the middle of the top. Before placing the top back on, spread a jam on the exposed creamy Brie. Save the cutout for consumption.

To make the healthy choice the easy choice, be sure to balance the cheeses, cured meats and crackers with plenty of veggie spears and fruits. Blackberries and peeled mandarins are splendid spooky fruit choices.


Photo credit: BCBSM.com 


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