Recipes to Celebrate Holidays in a Healthy Way 

It’s officially here — the cozy season of delicious food, special gatherings and cookie exchanges. A holiday centered around food can certainly pose challenges to health goals.  

It’s difficult to say no to a second helping of your favorite food, but there are ways to help keep your hunger and desire for more in check: 

  • Get enough sleep to keep hunger hormones at bay. 
  • Eat slowly and think about the flavors and textures of every bite to increase satisfaction.  
  • Wait 20 minutes before going back for seconds to let your brain register satiety. 

While it’s good to keep the above in mind, bringing along a healthy dish to share can help you stay in control of your health goals. We’ve got you covered with a side dish, a flourless and butter-free cookie for an exchange and a crowd-pleasing appetizer: 

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