Delicious Recipes Help Add Cauliflower to Your Diet    

The Michigan winter isn’t known for its crop yield, but it is an excellent time to dig into frozen foods from your home or store. Foods intended for freezing are picked at peak ripeness — when their nutrient content is at its highest — then blanched and frozen. In general, frozen food retains nutrients well for up to a year, but some nutrients are lost during the blanching process. As with all food, some nutrients will also be lost during cooking.  

Colors are usually associated with a variety of nutrients, but cauliflower is an exception to the rule. Frozen cauliflower offers a plethora of health benefits, including fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins C and K. A versatile vegetable, it can double as a healthier alternative to starchy items in classic dishes such as mashed potatoes, pizza crust and rice. Cauliflower substitutions can be especially beneficial for those with diabetes who are counting carbohydrates. Larger servings of mashed cauliflower can be enjoyed, offering fullness due to its fiber content, for a fraction of the carbohydrates and calories.   

Though many cauliflower recipes call for fresh produce, these taste-tested recipes mimic the real deal and will let you dig into your freezer stores: 

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