Your Healthy Weight Can Mean More Than Just “Skinny”

A familiar message promotes: A healthy weight does not always equal “skinny.” Now there is a catch here — a healthy weight does not always equal overweight or obese, either. So is it fair to say moderation is the key here?

What’s Your Number?

The way to tell whether you’re at a healthy weight for your height is by figuring out your Body Mass Index (BMI). There are three categories of weight classification: normal range, overweight and obese.

There is a catch here too: Since muscle and bone are denser than fat, an athletic or muscular person may have a high BMI but not be fat.

  • Normal range — BMI of 18.5-24.9
  • Overweight range — 25-29.9
  • Obese range — 30 and above

Here’s a simple way to check your BMI.

Bottom Line

So what does all of this mean? A healthy weight means to be healthy, happy and comfortable in your moderation. You should be active a minimum of three days a week (five is ideal) and eat healthy for the most part (by limiting fast food and unhealthy foods and eating fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean proteins, etc.) while allowing the treat once in a while.

Having a healthy weight is about feeling good about you, having a healthy self image and positive self-talk. We all know how we feel when we are at our best, having a healthy weight is the same.

If you don’t feel you are at your healthy weight, make 2021 the year to achieve this!


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  1. It’s important for people to know that “healthy” is a broad term, meaning that there are several factors that play into this. Diet, exercise, and the like are just a few examples to consider.

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