Why It’s Important to Be Honest About Your Sexual History

Sharing your sexual history can be a difficult and uncomfortable conversation to have with your doctor, but one that’s vitally important.

For your doctor to best counsel you on preventive measures and diagnostic tests you should take, it’s important to get over any squeamishness you might have and start the conversation. It’s also important to share all pertinent details, even ones you might feel self-conscious about.

Follow these tips for ways to navigate the touchy subject of divulging your sexual experience with a professional.

  • Come prepared: Think of questions or concerns to bring up before the appointment. That way there won’t be any possibility of forgetting to ask an important question. You can write down your questions or concerns and hand the paper to the doctor to alleviate some awkwardness you might be feeling, as well.
  • Let the office know ahead of time: The doctor can better prepare organized answers and information for you if you let the nurse know ahead of time there are sexual concerns you want to discuss during your office visit.
  • Find a doctor you like: You know how you share more information with your friends versus acquaintances? Well, same thing goes for your doctor. If you don’t feel comfortable with your current doctor, do some research to find someone you feel comfortable with. Whether it be a doctor of the same gender or someone closer to your age, just find that person you click with and the conversation will come easier.

Sex is an uncomfortable topic for patients of all ages to discuss but understand that it is a normal part of human life. Your doctor will never judge you no matter how “outlandish” your questions may be because they are there to help you and to answer the questions you have. Honesty is an important aspect to a proper treatment plan, so be sure to share your sexual history no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

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