Buzz Off! How to Keep Mosquitos Far Away

In case you missed it, West Nile is back in Michigan.

West Nile is a virus that gets transmitted by mosquitos and can, in some cases, lead to a dangerous inflammation of the brain. Most symptoms of the virus are often mild like fevers or headaches and they usually go away on their own. But sometimes, symptoms can be severe like disorientation, sudden weakness, intense fevers or powerful headaches. If you have any of those symptoms and think you may have West Nile, it’s important to seek medical attention quickly.

There is some good news: You can protect yourself against West Nile by avoiding contact with mosquitos. Here are four tips to help you do just that:

  1. Opt for long-sleeved clothing: Wearing jackets and clothes that cover your whole body are an easy way to keep yourself protected (the less exposed skin there is, the fewer places a mosquito can bite!).
  2. Get out the bug spray: The absolute best way to repel mosquitos is to use a spray that contains DEET. It may stink, but that’s because it masks your smell so biting insects can’t detect you.
  3. Eliminate standing water: This can be tough in a state known for its lakes, but mosquitos breed in standing water so try to eliminate buckets, gutter water buildup, filled kiddie pools and bird baths.
  4. Secure your screens: One of the best things you can do is to keep mosquitos from entering your home. Double-check that window screens don’t have any holes in them and seal any gaps between screens and the walls.
  5. Explore homemade and household remedies: For cost-effective repellents, you can use items that you have around your house. Dryer sheets and Ovillantas, homemade tire mosquito traps, are both great ways to utilize everyday objects. Here’s a little more on making an Ovillanta:


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