Michigan May Bucket List: 10 Ideas for a Marvelous Month

Topping our list of must-do activities this month? Getting outdoors every chance we get in a variety of ways.

Whether you want to hop on a bike, celebrate spring blooms, try a new sport or browse the produce in your local open-air market, May is a great month to open your windows and feel the freedom that comes after a long, hard winter.

  1. Get outside by giving disc golfing a spin. By sheer number, Michigan is near the top of the list when it comes to disc golf courses, according to the Professional Disc Golf Association.
  2. Head to Holland for the annual Tulip Time Festival, which celebrates the eponymous flowers and the Dutch heritage of the community.
  3. Plan your own Cinco de Mayo fest with these healthier takes on traditional recipes.
  4. Welcome migratory birds back by making these kid-friendly DIY feeders.
  5. While some are open year-round, many Michigan farmers markets will open back up this month. Support local growers by buying up their fresh, flavorful offerings. If you’ve never been to a farmers market, here’s why you should.
  6. Want to grow your own veggies this summer? Michigan’s growing season isn’t long, so do these four things now.
  7. May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. If warmer weather is making you want to re-establish a workout routine, here are five lower-intensity, yet still effective, ways to do it.
  8. Mental Health Month also takes place in May. According to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association National Health Index, on a list of the top 10 health conditions, major depression ranks second in Michigan. Find out what you can do to give your mental health some love.
  9. Like to bike? Find out the best spots to hit the trail in Traverse City, according to an insider.
  10. Start making your Memorial Day plans now to enjoy a stress-free long weekend later.

What’s on your May bucket list? Share with us in the comments.

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  1. After 2 years of not practicing, I attended a yoga class on May 1st. This session is 6 weeks however my goal is to complete at least 2 sessions in a row so that I can have enough simple and basic tools in my arsenal that I can practice at home—proper breathing, relaxation poses, etc…. I am excited!

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