Benefits of Fandom: Why Being a Sports Fan Improves Your Health

With college football and NFL seasons in full swing, fans far and wide are preparing to face the season with optimism.

The deeper your fandom and love for your team, the more invested you’re going to be emotionally and physically. Plus, being a dedicated sports fan actually has some positive benefits for your health.

  • It builds camaraderie with friends when you cheer for the same team or play on a team together.
  • It can inspire athleticism by inspiring you to exercise or work out to be like your favorite player.
  • It provides entertainment and stress relief through cheering and socializing.
  • It builds traditions and connections through your hometown, state, school or alma mater.

Watching sports reduces depression among people who are interested in sports, whether their team is winning or not. Being a superfan not only helps with relieving stress and depression, it also acts as a self-esteem booster. This feeling is called reflected glory and it’s the positive effect you feel from your team winning. It allows you to experience success which you wouldn’t have had if you were not a fan.

So break out the face paint, make your favorite healthy tailgating recipes and cheer for your team. If only everything about a healthy lifestyle were so simple and fun!

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Photo Credit: Ken Lund

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  1. Hi, Mekhi! This is a very interesting topic. It seems like sport takes a big place in the life of a lot of people, either they a practicing it or be a fan. What do you think, is there a healthy dose of being a fan, or someone can take it a little bit over the edge?

  2. I had no idea that loving sports had so many different benefits. Knowing that you can build tradition and work on connections with towns and people is great. An uncle of mine would love this tip since he is thinking of going to a tournament.

  3. That’s a good point that being a fan of a sports team could help to increase your number of social interactions with other fans. I like the idea of being able to get all my friends who are also fans of the same team together to watch a game and hang out. I should consider getting cable tv so that we could do that more often with games we can’t make it to in person.

  4. It sure was nice that you mentioned that being a dedicated sports fan could provide entertainment and stress relief through cheering and socializing. This would be a good idea for my husband who has been stressed since last week due to his work. I could imagine how excited he could be to consider sports betting and reading predictions for football games and events.

  5. The best part of your blog is when you said that watching sports could allow you to cheer and socialize which could provide entertainment and stress relief. With this in mind, I will consider purchasing Pirates tickets so my husband and I can watch sports games. He has been stressed out due to his busy work schedule, and I can see how restless his mind has been. It will surely be nice to find an activity that will provide us relief from stress.

  6. I liked learning that being a sports fan can provide stress relief through socializing and cheering. My mom has loved watching football for as long as I can remember. I will suggest that she get invested in the NFL through news and rumors so she can obtain the benefits of being a full sports fan.

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