Have Yourself a Happy, Healthy ArtPrize

The world’s largest art competition is set to transform Grand Rapids into an art-lover’s dream this week.

Taking place Wednesday, Sept. 20 through Sunday, Oct. 8, ArtPrize annually draws over 500,000 visitors to the region. If you’re planning to take it all in, here are some tips for making the experience a healthy one.

  • Use Your Feet. This one’s kind of a given. The easiest way to get from exhibit to exhibit is to walk and doing so can help you log major activity points. Put those steps to work by taking part in the Art Meets Heart Steps Challenge, a collaboration between the American Heart Association, Wolverine Worldwide and ArtPrize. A weekly raffle gives you a chance to win gift certificates, water bottles and more.
  • Hydrate Healthily. Make sure to bring your reusable water bottle with you. The ArtPrize Water Share helps reduce waste caused by the consumption of plastic water bottles and helps you stick to your hydration goals while you’re enjoying the art.
  • Be Smart About Transportation. With so many people coming together downtown, parking is often at a premium. ArtPrize encourages biking and will have additional bike corrals set up for the event. The Rapid Rides program, sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and The Rapid, is helping members of the community facing income insecurity get on the bus for free. ArtPrize metro passes are also available for $5, which allows you to take unlimited rides on The Rapid’s Silver Line and get 10 rides on fixed routes.
  • Add Mindfulness and Movement to Your Art Experience. This year ArtPrize is introducing ArtPrize+, free events that celebrate the “intersection of art, mind and movement.” Event offerings include yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi. Organizers recommend signing up in advance to secure your spot at each scheduled event.

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Photo credit: John VanderHaagen

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