Our Day as Human Hungry, Hungry Hippos

“Nom, nom, nom.”

It might be the strangest rallying cry ever, but for the almost 150 people gathered at Grand Rapids’ Rosa Parks Circle for the second annual Human Hungry Hungry Hippos tournament, the hunger for fun was real.

Six of those people were members of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s social media and public relations teams. While we normally spend our days crafting content and promoting our good news, we also enjoy the occasional team-bonding experience together.

Being hippos for a Sunday afternoon was hysterical and it was a great way to put our communications skills to the test in a fun new way.

Here’s how it worked. One team member played the role of the hippo, positioning themselves on a rubber tube. Remaining team members pushed the hippo out on the ice, where they tried to bring back as many plastic balls as possible. The hippos’ take was counted after every round, with a winner declared at the end of the day.

And that winner? Well, let’s just say we’re better professional communicators than noshing herbivorous mammals. We definitely didn’t win, but we were all laughing a little too hard to care.

If pretending to be hungry hippos is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

Thanks to the Grand Rapids Sport and Social Club and Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. for a fun afternoon!

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Photo credit: A Healthier Michigan

Take a look at some photos from our experience below:

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