Negative Energy in the Home: How to Get Rid of It

It may sound a little out there, but your home can have a certain energy to it. Sometimes it’s positive and you feel happy walking in your front door. And sometimes it’s more negative—when you feel smothered, stressed or sad when you’re at home. All of that negative energy can impact your mood and health. That’s why, if you’re feeling like your house is in a constant state of the blues, it’s time to change the vibe. Here are some easy ways to spruce up the energy in your space.

  • Do a ‘Rainbow Home Cleanse’: Pick an herb that speaks to the energy you wish to have in your home (lavender is good for balance, peace and relaxation, cedar is good for purifying, healing and attracting positive energy, rosemary is good for bringing clarity to challenges and attracting love, and white sage is good for inviting transformation). Then, create something called a smudge stick with the herb (this is essentially a bouquet—find directions here). Once you’ve lit it and extinguished the fire, you set an intention of letting go of everything negative in your space and walk around with the smoldering smudge stick, going into every room.
  • Shift your emotions through furniture: Have you ever heard of feng shui? It’s an ancient system of bringing harmony and balance into your home through the specific placement of items. The idea is that the placement and design of furniture and accessories can impact you spiritually and emotionally. Try getting a small indoor fountain or moving a plant to your window to keep the positivity flowing in your home.
  • Add some natural beauty: Plants can be super effective at keeping energy clear in your home—they are beneficial to the environment and can have an extra cleansing effect on the home. There are multiple options for houseplants that can be helpful in ridding your home of negative energy, like lavender, eucalyptus and white sage.
  • Rid your mind of negative energy, too: It may not just be your house that needs some positivity. Wellness expert Christine Chen says that when you get rid of negative energy in your head, you’ll have more space for things that really make you happy. A simple way to start is by adding some easy breathing techniques to your mornings. When you wake up, don’t reach for your phone. Instead, get out of bed, take a few deep breaths, and stretch your body tall. Lift your heart and breathe deeply, expanding your belly and chest. The more positive you feel, the more positive your home will feel.
  • Decorate, Decorate, Decorate: Adding décor that you love can improve your mood and reduce stress. For instance, certain paint colors can impact your mood (green is very calming and soothing). You should also consider certain scents for your home (like vanilla), and adding elements that you love (like your favorite flowers or sentimental photos).

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