4 DIY Grooming Products for Guys

Specialty products tend to be marketed towards women, but men can benefit from nice skin care and toiletries, too. With a few items found in your pantry, these four all-natural DIY moisturizers, shaving products and soaps—can make you look and feel better:

  1. Shaving cream
    Get a close shave and silky skin with this simple shaving cream recipe. The mixture requires just a few ingredients, most of which are super easy to find, like coconut oil and olive oil.
  2. Natural pomade
    This hair product will help you tame cowlicks and give you the “slicked back” look making a return in men’s fashion. The basis of this simple mix is beeswax and coconut oil and you can add your choice of essential oils to customize the scent.
  3. Under eye cream
    Dark circles don’t just happen to women. This “caffeinated” under eye cream is the perfect way to overcome unsightly bags. The recipe includes essential oils, Vitamin E and coffee, which helps reduce the appearance of eye circles, puffiness and fine lines.
  4. Beard balm
    For men who let their facial hair run a little wild, natural beard balm is a great solution. A small amount of this mixture of coconut oil, shea butter and delicious smelling essential oils helps your beard look more polished and less mountain man.

What are your favorite DIY products you have at home? Share with us below!

Photo Credit: Terry Robinson

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