Too Busy to Work Out? Think Again!

I started my 2015 fitness goals a little late this year. Somehow I fooled myself into thinking I didn’t have to work out. I was always too busy, too cold and I did not want to add a gym membership to my budget. It’s pretty easy to get wrapped up in these excuses, but my husband and I realized we were getting lazy. We signed up for a 5K and used the training schedule for motivation to get moving!  Unfortunately I still find it hard to work out on days when my schedule is extra busy, so I decided to talk to Michelle Miller, a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan wellness coordinator about some of her exercise tips.

The Surgeon General recommends 150 minutes of moderate activity a week. According to Miller, “Moderate activity means your heart rate should be elevated, and you are able to say a few words, but not carry on an entire conversation.” She also said it’s important to work on strength training twice a week. “One of the biggest tips I give people is to find something you enjoy, so you look forward to the activity,” Miller said. She suggested fitting 10-minute bursts of aerobic activity throughout the day if you are time crunched.

Still need more tips? Miller suggests the following nine ways to squeeze fitness into your busy day:

  • Start a lunchtime walking group with co-workers
  • Have a “walking” meeting
  • Take the stairs
  • Use the restroom two floors above your office
  • March in place while waiting in lines or when brushing your teeth
  • When watching your favorite TV show, perform crunches and push ups during commercials
  • Play catch with your kids
  • Make it a part of your social hour- go bowling or golfing (and don’t use a cart!)
  • Plan active outings with your kids
  • Walk the dog

We are always looking for creative ways to get exercise. How do you fit exercise into a busy schedule?

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  1. I really need and appreciate this info. I’ m a Senior Citizen who quit smoking over 7 months ago and am now facing weight-gain challenges. Know I need to exercise and include some strength training to raise my metabolism. Thanks for this and any new info.

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