The four crucial steps between setting a goal and reaching it

Start diet todayIf you’re like the thousands of people who have signed up for HealthyMe, you probably have some health-related goals you’re trying to reach. You could be trying to cook more nutritious dinners during the week, run a mile without stopping or finally kick that smoking habit. First off, congratulations! Just deciding on your goal is a huge first step. Especially if you went through the process of coming up with the best possible goal you could. But now that you’ve set your sights on something, what’s next? Here’s how to get where you want to go:

  1. Try not to tell people about it. This sounds kind of counterintuitive. Shouldn’t you let others know all about what you’re trying to do so they can hold you accountable? It’s actually the opposite. Telling other people about your goal (“I’m going to run every night after work!”) gives you the feeling like you’ve already achieved it even though you haven’t done anything yet.
  2. Anticipate lapses. You know yourself and you know what’s going to trip you up. Spend some time thinking ahead of time about what might knock you off track and come up with a plan for those moments. Then, when they hit, you’ll already know what to do. Can’t resist cake in the office for people’s birthdays? Have a slightly-sweet-but-healthy treat in a drawer so you aren’t as tempted.
  3. Bounce back quickly. So you had an off day (or week) and feel like giving up. This is the moment that will separate those who succeed from those who don’t. What you shouldn’t do is throw your hands up in the air and figure that all’s lost. Instead, wake up the next morning and renew your vow to be healthier. And use the setback as a learning opportunity! You’ll discover more about why you veered off course and how to avoid a similar misstep in the future.
  4. Celebrate small victories. Okay, so you want to lose 20 pounds. That’s great! But why wait until you get there to pat yourself on the back? While you shouldn’t treat yourself to a hot fudge sundae every time you lose half a pound, you can set up mini milestones along the way. Make it to 3 pounds? Schedule a pedicure. 10 pounds? Buy a new workout outfit!

With these strategies, you’ll definitely reach your goal…just in time to create a new one!


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