Staying sane in the face of it all

filtered_jazzmasterI love my job here at BCBSM. Every day is different and I often get out of the office to see and do some pretty cool stuff. It’s still a lot of work though.

Before any of that I’m a husband and father first and foremost. Our year and a half old daughter has seemingly endless energy. Keeping up with her and taking care of her is a handful. Daily tasks, never-ending housework, and family get-togethers occupy the weekends and hours I’m not at work. Add in the two semi-professional bands I play in, plus some side work doing graphic design and it quickly becomes clear that I’m constantly busy.

So, with all of these commitments and work creating an unrelenting calendar of commitments, how do I not go completely bonkers?

In a previous #HealthyMe post I mentioned how I budget my time. I prioritize my life in much the same way: family, work, household, bands, etc. At times it certainly seems and feels like I’m spread thin, but keeping priority in mind helps to control that.

I try to do things that allow me to clear my mind, de-stress and center myself. I’ve already mentioned how I use my workout time to do that, but I have a few other outlets as well. If I had one piece of advice to offer, it would be to turn your passions into the things you use to relax and recharge.

I’m an unabashed comic book nerd. Sneaking in an hour or two, to read, allows me to slip into a different world where I can forget about the daily grind. I find myself creatively recharged by particularly good stories and artwork. And hey, who doesn’t love Batman?

With two bands the workload can pile up, but I love playing guitar and making music. Like exercise, it lets me clear my mind. I often space out and just play; I keep my acoustic guitar by the couch to noodle on while watching TV for this very purpose. This never feels like “work” and I tend to come up with my best ideas this way.

Not everything needs to be an all-consuming passion either. Many of life’s daily tasks can be part of letting go of stress, if you look at them right. Walking the dog, going to the playground with the kid, and trying out a new recipe with my wife, can all be enjoyable ways to relax.  Sometimes, #healthyme is about your perspective.

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