Want fresh fruits and veggies? Grow them yourself!


Dirty fresh food can hinder your quest to eat healthier and it seems like contamination outbreaks are happening more often, but now that the weather is breaking in Michigan, this is the perfect time to start growing your own food! The People’s Food Co-op in Kalamazoo, Michigan celebrates spring this Saturday, April 26, at their 6th annual Grow-It-Yourself Day.

Grow-It-Yourself Day was the brainchild of Rosie Flannigan who felt it crucial to help empower people to grow their own food.

“The goal of Grow-It-Yourself Day is for people to educate, participate and celebrate in growing their own food”, says Flannigan.  Grow-It-Yourself Day has been successful in past years, with the sale of over 1,500 plants since its inception.

Grow-It-Yourself Day provides education that will help as guide when growing your own food and features growing demonstrations that teaches people how to take care of what they’re growing. Workshops will be held all day that feature a wide variety of plants that that will save you money and be better for your health.

Plants will be sold among the education and workshops, live music will be playing, there will be dancing, hands-on gardening demonstrations and plants seeds will be available for purchase. This is a great opportunity to get a head start on your spring garden so that you can have your own fresh fruits and vegetables all summer long.

This family-friendly event also features activities for the little ones who want to get a head start with their green thumbs. There will be a garden story time, offered by Kalamazoo Public Library.

The celebration will take place at 507 Harrison Street, between Random and East Michigan. The People’s Food Co-op exists to create access to food that is healthy for the people, the land and the economy.

Photo credit: Oxfam International

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  1. I do grow my own veggies and strawberries. Nothing better… I still feel I am missing something from my diet.

  2. I share a large vegetable garden with my cousin, we’ve been doing this for about 5 years. Usually grow enough fruits and vegetables to have all through the winter. What we don’t grow we get at the local farmers market and preserve. Taste is far superior to what you buy in the stores, and planting and tending the garden is good exercise and very enjoyable.

  3. I wish I lived in Michigan. Sounded like a fun event. Wish you thought of your members in other states.

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