Sorry, But There’s No Diet Pill For a Healthier You

When we have a problem, we want a quick and simple solution. I suppose it’s only natural. People tend to take the easy way when finding a quick and simple solution; but later down the road, we often realize that we should have taken care of the problem the correct way even though it may have taken a little more time. We take shortcuts, forgetting that the easy way doesn’t work the best — but with busy schedules and a little hope, we try anyways.

The desire to get things done quickly is probably why a large portion of the population wants to believe the easy way must work for losing weight, too. Millions of overweight individuals think that when they want to shed some unwanted pounds they should simply swallow a special diet pill and it will miraculously melt the fat away.

After taking a special diet pill for a few weeks, these truly feel as if they will be the thin and fit person they have always dreamt of becoming. Okay, let’s get real here — this type of pill doesn’t exist! If it did, we wouldn’t have the obesity epidemic that we have today.

Why then are doctors prescribing such a pill for all those patients who ask for it? Maybe it’s because these special diet pills are everywhere we turn. On my local radio station, for instance, one of the disc jockeys claims that she has been taking this special diet pill for a few weeks now and has seen “amazing results,” stressing how elated she is about wearing her swimsuit this summer.

I personally know this DJ. I happened to see her before she began taking the diet pills, and I’ve just seen her recently. It saddens me to know the truth: that these pills had the opposite effect for her. I immediately noticed how unhappy she was with the results and heard her comment that she is not happy about swimsuit season — at all. Why, then, does she talk up how much these special diet pills work? It’s her job, that’s why.

I’m sure many people believe her when she says these pills melt away excess weight. They want a quick fix — to take the easy way to weight loss — and they really want to believe that pills work and are safe. Many assume they are because these pills are actually prescribed by their doctor.

But the truth is that some doctors are pushing the limits of what is medically acceptable, prescribing drugs that may put their patients’ safety at risk or offering treatments that aren’t proven to work.  I’ve found some information about this situation in my favorite magazine, Health.

Please understand that there is not a special diet pill that will create an easy way towards better health and a significant weight loss. Accept the fact that there are no shortcuts when it comes to losing weight the correct way, but take comfort in the good news that it’s not very difficult, either.

Remember that I only walked briskly for 1.5 miles each day and made healthier food choices, keeping portion sizes under control. It wasn’t what I would consider the easy way, like simply popping a pill in my mouth (no thanks, that’s not for me), but it sure did give me the results I wanted: a 162-pound weight loss!

Today, why not analyze your eating habits and lifestyle and figure out what changes you can make to shed your excess pounds the correct way — which can be the easy way, too. Long-term success can be yours … I promise.

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