Don’t Be Afraid, Getting Healthy Actually Feels Good

Child laughingIf a person feels good about who they are, they are more likely to eat healthier and exercise daily. This behavior contributes to his or her physical fitness, thus creating high self esteem, which is something we all strive for in life. But, unfortunately, if a person is not feeling good about themselves, just the opposite occurs.

When I was overweight, I put myself down often. There was rarely a day that passed by when I didn’t call myself a negative name or wish I looked differently.

If you knew me when I was morbidly obese, you would have never seen me looking sad. I was very good at hiding my negative emotions. The smile was there on the outside, but on the inside, I did NOT feel good about who I was. I now look back and often wonder whether my past behavior had anything to do with trying to make myself happy with food?

Of course, the food did not cure my problems at all; actually, it made them even worse. I would gain more weight, call myself more names and wish even more that I didn’t look the way I did. It’s sad to know that I did that for twenty-five long years which led to a 300-pound me.

I Feel Good Because I Take Care of My Health and I Take Care of My Health Because I Feel Good

I am so fortunate that I hit a turning point in my life (the day of my aunt Shirley’s funeral). At this moment, I made the decision to take better care of my health. My aunt Shirley was also very overweight, and people in my family often said I reminded them of her. When she died before her time, I knew I would begin to make smarter food choices along with a commitment to daily exercise. I began taking a 1.5 mile brisk walk every single day; no excuses, and I learned to believe in myself – something I had NEVER DONE in the past!

Now I feel good about who I am and I truly WANT to eat healthy! I really enjoy my daily walks that have caused me to become physically fit, which has created my high self-esteem! It’s almost like a circle: there is no end. I must say that the health experts know what they are talking about.

My wish is that you also have a positive attitude, that you FEEL GOOD about who you are! Raise that self esteem level – remind yourself every day that you are a success and will continue to live a healthy lifestyle!



Please, keep the circle rolling …

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