Nurtured By Mother Nature: Time to Try Aromatherapy

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benefits of aromatherapy
We can all agree that getting sick or feeling weak is the worst.
Whether it’s a cold or sore muscles, it’s just not pleasant. The first thing we tend to run for is the ibuprofen or the cold medicine, but there are plenty of natural options out there that may help us feel better too.
Yes, medicinal methods work fast and effectively, but have you ever thought of something more natural? Maybe aromatherapy?
This fragrant alternative is used worldwide and has many practitioners around the globe, but what you may not know is that you have one right in your backyard. Nurtured by Mother Nature is a Michigan-based company located in Armada and owned by Debby Solomon.
The company mixes essential oils and other aromatic plant compounds to help people improve their health or mood. According to the company’s website, benefits of aromatherapy can include stimulation of the immune system, pain relief, toxin release from the body, calming of the nervous system, improvement of blood and lymph circulation, and overall relaxation.
Although aromatherapy has not been proven to be a substitute to pharmaceutical products, it has been said to aid in minor aches and pains one gets from daily life tasks. The practice isn’t intended to diagnose, prevent, or cure diseases, but rather a method of relief that could help some head toward a healthier, more balanced life.
If aromatherapy seems like something interesting that you would like to hear more about, check out the Buy Michigan Now Festival happening today through Aug. 2. Not only will Nurtured by Mother Nature be in attendance, but many other local vendors of Michigan-made goods will be around with products and activities for the whole family.
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