Is Your Halloween Face Paint Safe?

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Is Your Halloween Face Paint Safe?
If you’re using face paint to add to your look this Halloween, it’s important to make sure you’re choosing the right products to avoid any harmful effects or skin reactions.
So how do you know if your face paint is safe? The key is using only professional grade cosmetic products.
This time of year, stores tend to sell face paint kits that are low cost, but that might come with a high level of risk. In fact, many of these products are imported and have been found to contain levels of lead, nickel and other metals that can pose a risk for children.
To help keep kids (and parents) safe this Halloween, remember the following:
  1. Don’t use paint. Professional face paint is actually cosmetic makeup that is made with ingredients that are safe for use on the skin. Halloween face paint kits often contain dyes or color additives that are not FDA-compliant. Never use craft paint, acrylic paint, markers or pens on the skin, which can cause an allergic reaction and can be very difficult to remove. Cosmetic makeup products will come off easily using only soap and water.
  1. Do a patch test. Whenever you use a new makeup product on yourself or your child, you should always do a patch test to check for sensitivity. “Non-toxic” doesn’t mean it won’t cause a skin reaction. Take a small amount of the product and apply it on the inside of your elbow. Watch for any kind of immediate reaction after about 20 minutes or so.
  1. Apply using cosmetic sponges. Using cosmetic sponges to apply face paint is not only safer, but it’s also a faster and more effective way of covering the face. Paintbrushes should only be used to add detail to your design—and always remember to use caution near the eyes.
When purchasing Halloween makeup, consider buying from brands that use only FDA-approved, cosmetic-grade ingredients.
If you’re at a party or event where face painting is being done, always ask the artist what type of product he or she is using.
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About the author: Peggy Hernandez is owner and artist at PegFX Face Painting, a Detroit-based family entertainment company. Her work and passion for safety education around face painting has been featured by MetroParent Magazine, The News-Herald and Fox 2 Detroit.
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