Resolutions We Love and the Steps to Get There

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Power of staying optimistic
It feels like you can’t go on Instagram or Pinterest without seeing a motivational saying. Images of quotes like “don’t be afraid to make mistakes” are supposed to give you an extra boost to be healthier or less stressed, but “keep moving forward” can sound a bit vague. So how can you take those inspirational phrases and apply them to your everyday life? We’ve taken three of our favorite healthy mantras for 2015 and come up with simple ways for you to take the first step towards following their advice.
Live in the Moment
How to do it: Digital detox
By ditching your technology, you are able to really be in the present without distractions. Most likely you have your smart phone less than a foot away from you, the television is playing Modern Family in the background and you’re checking e-mails on your laptop. See what happens when you turn them all off. Once the panic and cold sweats fade and you get past the constant sense of FOMO (fear of missing out), you’ll realize you now have the opportunity to slow down, unwind and actually relax. You’ll notice things happening around you, like the picture your daughter is drawing or the smell of dinner cooking. This step back gives you an opportunity to create healthy relationships with your family and yourself. Try these small steps for a no-tech night:
  • Disable push notifications so you aren’t constantly checking your phone.
  • Use meal time as a chance to connect in person, not via Twitter.
  • Embrace unoccupied moments with a great book or just letting your mind wander.
Be Accountable
How to do it: Stop hitting snooze
A great way to start being more accountable is by actually getting up in the morning without snoozing through five extra alarms. More than a third of American adults hit the snooze button at least three times each morning. While you may think you’re catching a few more Zzz’s by delaying getting the day started, you’re actually hurting your sleep cycle. The secret to an easier wake-up call? Simple: go to bed earlier! Here are some tricks for you to try tonight:
  • Set your alarm for the time you usually hit the last snooze, which makes you more realistic about when you have to start getting ready for work.
  • Move the alarm clock across the room – it’s easier to keep moving if you’ve gotten out of your comfy bed already.
  • Incorporate better long-term sleep habits into your routine, like waking up and going to bed around the same time every day, even on weekends.
Take a Stand
How to do it: Run for a cause
Running for someone or an organization helps keep you motivated and enables you to take a stand for what you’re passionate about. Looking for an upcoming race in Michigan is like looking for a snowman in the dead of winter – extremely easy. Sites like and have lists of races across the state, no matter if you’re a beginner or marathoner. Take it to the next level and reach out to an organization you are passionate about to raise money for them. You can also join a team that supports a cause, society or association such as:

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