Look Forward, Not Back: 3 Mantras For Conquering Your Health Challenges

Jodi Davis

| 2 min read

I can already feel it — 2012 is going to be an incredible year! I also feel you believe that the time has arrived for you to begin focusing on your health a little more. The new year will bring the changes that you contemplated back in 2011 but are now ready to conquer! These changes will make 2012 a year to remember as you learn to expect success, not just wish for it… it’s going to happen, I promise you.
You see, I know that you will succeed since you have the desire, the willpower and the strength to make it happen. Your desire for a healthier body, the willpower that you hold within and your true personal strength are three of the key elements that will make it possible to accomplish better health… and it will be enjoyable. Why? Because you will expect success this time, the future is all that you will be focusing on — a happier and healthier future that you deserve!
  • As of this moment you will not allow yourself to look back to any past failed attempts. You are not doing that any longer, it serves absolutely no purpose.
  • As of this moment you will not allow any negative thoughts to enter your mind. You are not a failure but a person who shines with success! Yes, you do.
  • As of this moment you will not allow excuses to stop the desire, the willpower and the strength that you possess. Success doesn’t come from excuses — any and all excuses will end now.
I’m excited for you to start this new year as you focus on better health; to me it’s a journey that is extremely fun to take and that never has to end! I’ve been taking it since 2001 and it’s been the most enjoyable journey of my life! My desire, willpower and strength brought me the success I had only wished for but never achieved until I used those key elements. And as I continue my healthy lifestyle journey, they will be used daily … they are just part of me now.
This year I want you to expect success, creating a healthier and happier you! We’ll take this journey together as I remind you that there is no reason to look back at years past… it is time to focus on the future, your healthier future!
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