How your smartphone can make you smarter

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smart phone apps to boost brain power
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Close down that Flappy Bird game! And while you’re at it, exit out of Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds as well. Games, apps and social networking sites aren’t going anywhere (they make up 64 percent of the time users spend on smart phones), but rather than spending all your time trying to line up three pieces of candy, why not opt instead for a game that will boost your smarts, memory or concentration. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite (and free) brain-training mobile apps that you won’t want to put down.
  • Lumosity Mobile: Created by neuroscientists, this app provides daily workouts and games (like one where you have to recall faces and names) that aren’t only fun to play, but have also been shown to improve memory and attention.
  • Clockwork Brain: Challenge your mind with fun, innovative puzzles and mini games like Scrolling Silhouettes (designed to train your visual/spatial ability) and Chase the Numbers (designed to improve your memory).
  • Find Differences: Compare two images and attempt to spot the differences. It may seem simple, but it definitely is effective at improving your attention skills.
  • Memory trainer: This app boosts your spatial and working memory, as well as your focus and concentration skills with games such as N-Back and Grid Grind. Bonus: Users are also able to track their progress over time to record improvements.
  • TrainBrain: Add up and multiply numbers to earn points and win games. Rapid-fire math has never been so entertaining.
  • Logic Games: If you are a Sudoku fan, you’ll love this app and its 77 different puzzles.
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