Haunted by Teasing and Thoughts of the Body You Wish You Had

Jodi Davis

| 3 min read

I had trouble sleeping last night, something that doesn’t happen often but when it does, I find myself continuously thinking about all kinds of stuff. It’s not something that I enjoy, since all I really want to do is sleep, but at least the stuff I think about isn’t anything that brings tears to my eyes. I can happily say that the years when I did that are finally over!
Why? Because I’m not thinking about dieting and losing weight any longer. Believe me, those weight-focused thoughts didn’t only bother me during those sleepless nights; oh no, those were also my first thoughts when I woke up each day and the last ones before I fell asleep each night.
It’s heartbreaking when I recall the time when my one and only desire from the ages of 10 to 35 was to be thin. Do you know what that is like? There are millions of people out there who understand this one desire, I’m sure of it — people who want to look good and just be accepted as “normal.” For those of you who have never had a weight issue, you probably won’t understand. I will tell you that these thoughts take over your life as you continuously wish to be thin and focus every waking moment on dieting and weight loss.
It’s also sad to know that I didn’t really care about the negative health aspects of carrying excess weight. Sure, it was brought to my attention hundreds of times, but I allowed those words to go in one ear and out the other. I didn’t want to hear about it. I just wanted to be thin so I could look good because I was sure that would stop all the teasing.
Oh yes, teasing happened on a daily basis for me. It’s no wonder that I cried so often during those sleepless nights …
Teasing hurts the heart and the soul. I not only know this from my own experiences, but from others, too. Countless overweight individuals have shared these same types of stories, which they claim have caused emotional damage that won’t go away.
You see, I’ve been there and I know what it’s like to live the overweight life. I can truly say that I hated it. I can relate to the overweight, the obese and the morbidly obese… I spent 25 years of my life there.
I was so tired of thinking only about dieting and losing weight. Really tired.
What caused those never-ending “weight-focused” thoughts to end? Making the decision not to diet or worry about losing weight any longer.
It was really simple: I began eating healthy and took one, brisk 22-minute walk every single day. I didn’t wake up each morning or go to bed each night with dieting and losing weight on my mind. I accepted that those thoughts didn’t help me conquer my weight issues; actually, they may have contributed to them instead. Weighing in at almost 300 pounds I knew that something had to change.
That something was my thoughts.
I changed them. They changed me! I lost 162 pounds without dieting or worrying about weight loss.
Are you ready for the change?
I’m here to help you change… because you matter to me.
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