Top Locations for Kids to Stay Active in the Summer

Jillian Berndtson

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Kids may be home for summer break, but that doesn’t mean healthy habits have to go on break too.
With summer in full swing and kids having more free time, they’re likely to turn to electronics or video games for entertainment. Rather than give in to the temptation of bad habits, encourage them to get outside and be active.
Simply being outdoors is beneficial to your health. Studies have shown that going outside can decrease stress and improve mental health. The sun is also a source of vitamin D, which helps neurovascular and immune functions.
There are plenty of ways to incorporate healthy habits into kids’ summer routines all throughout Michigan.
Here are some of our favorites.
MI Big Green Gym: Michigan itself has plenty of trails, lakes, and forests to roam. There are plenty of local parks to go to no matter where you live in the state. Check out their website to find the park nearest you.
DNR Outdoor Adventure: You don’t have to live in northern Michigan to explore the great outdoors. The DNR has an exhibit located in downtown Detroit to show your family the beauty of the entire state without going up north.
Zoos: Take your family outside while exploring this learning opportunity for your little ones. Head to the Detroit Zoo, John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids or Binder Park Zoo in Kalamazoo.
YMCA Camps: The YMCA has camps across the state. Enroll your kids in one of their programs to keep them active for multiple days.
Community Centers: Most community centers host family-friendly events throughout the summer to bring the town together. Don’t miss out on these opportunities to build friendships and keep kids busy.
Sign your kids up for sports camps with their favorite athletes: The Detroit Lions, Detroit Red Wings, and Detroit Pistons all offer camps and workshops to help train kids throughout the summer. Check out their schedules to find the best date and location for you.
Flash Flood Water Park: Cool off by visiting a waterpark near you. Swimming while being outdoors is a great way to make the most of the summer.
Camp at Sleeping Bear Dunes: Take your family away from the electronics for a few nights by camping at one of Michigan’s best outdoor attractions – the Sleeping Bear Dunes.
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