Shape Up with Your Sweetheart

Angela Jenkins

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Couple working out together.
When you love someone, you want them to be healthy, so why not shed some pounds and burn some calories with your partner?

You Are the Peanut Butter to My Chocolate

My husband and I do most everything together — everything except exercise. I have always wanted to work out with him and do those cool couple exercises that I see in the magazines, but for some reason it hasn’t happened — yet.
Our son Walter turns 20 weeks old this week and I am at the high end of my pre-pregnancy weight (I usually fluctuate 5 pounds). Although I am getting excited to see the actual numbers go down on the scale, my body isn’t quite the shape it was before my second pregnancy (imagine that). That tells me to get movin’ and work out to tone up!
My husband is awesome in many ways; one in particular is that he does the cooking and is very good at it, I must say. This was especially true when I was pregnant this last time around and I had a lot of cravings for unhealthy food. My husband catered to my taste buds, resulting in a few extra pounds gained on his end as well (I’m not being mean, he is the first to admit this).

This is Dedicated to the One I Love

So, dear ol’ husband of mine: I challenge you — I challenge us — to do the following workout regimen three or four days a week, starting this week. What do you say?
  1. Passion Pass
  1. Cloud Nine
  1. Taking the Lunge
  1. Palm Pat
  1. Give and Take
  1. Cupid Curls
  1. Love Seat
  1. The One
If the names of the moves aren’t motivating enough, I encourage you to challenge your better half to this workout. What a great way to spend quality time together and burn some extra calories. Make it fun by challenging each other to friendly competitions to see who cooks dinner or does the clean up. My husband and I like to bet each other 5-minute shoulder massages (even though he hardly ever pays up).
Thank you Self Magazine for these awesome workout moves to do with our loved ones.
Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you lovebirds out there and a special Happy Valentine’s Day shout out to the love of my life!!!
What do you and your significant other do to stay active together?
Resource: Self Magazine
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