7 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

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The fall season is in full swing and the weather is getting colder. If your little ones are wound up with energy, you might be looking for ideas to keep them occupied inside!
There are plenty of ways to keep kids active while still having fun in the great indoors. Here are seven simple ideas to get you started:
  1. Make your own indoor blizzard – You don’t have to go outside to enjoy the magic of snow! You’ll need scissors and white paper. Fold a piece of paper in half and cut fun shapes with your scissors. When you unfold the paper you’ll have a snowflake. Once you create multiple snowflakes, build a fort and have a snow ball fight!
  1. Make your own mitten puppet –This project is perfect if you have mismatched gloves from last winter. You’ll need mittens, yarn, buttons and a hot glue gun. To make the hair, wrap yarn around your hand in a circle and tie one side of the loop into a knot. Cut the opposite side to open up the yarn circle into hair for the puppet. Put the mitten on your hand to mark the spot where you want the hair. Next attach the hair and eye buttons with hot glue. Once the glue has dried you will have a puppet to put on a show with!
  1. Obstacle courses- We were inspired by the Sage kids’ indoor obstacle courses and competitive activities like wrestling and gymnastics. Just set up a mat in the basement, dream up some “obstacles” like a medicine ball lift, somersault pattern, “hurdles” or barrel roll space. The possibilities are endless.
  1. Balloon balance- Blow up a balloon and challenge the kids to hold the balloon between their hips while walking down a hallway. You can also balance a balloon between two kids’ backs and have them stand up without popping the balloon. Buy a big bag of balloons and let the kids work at it until they can accomplish the challenge completely.
  1. Roaming hide and seek– This classic game gets a twist as kids are allowed to move from hiding place to hiding place. Played the traditional way, one child counts to 30 while the others hide. If the hider hears or suspects the seeker of being nearby, they can move to a different hiding place. Not only does this game allow kids to be more active than traditional hide and seek, but also allows them to be creative in finding new hiding spots.
  1. “Foiled again”- Wad up a sheet of tin foil into a ball and hide it somewhere in your house. Make sure the participants’ eyes are closed while you hide the ball. Have them search for it by giving clues and having them crawl, walk and jump through spaces.
  1. Dance off- This one is pretty self-explanatory. Play some trendy music and have the kids show their best moves. When you pause the music, select someone with the best moves and let them control the sound. Have them repeat the cycle until everyone gets a turn to control the music.
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