Veg Out: Top Vegan and Vegetarian Spots in Grand Rapids

Julie Bitely

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Veg Food
If you don’t eat meat, you won’t soon run out of amazing places to fill up in Grand Rapids. As diners have shifted their eating habits away from animal sources due to environmental, health, or moral reasons, the city’s restaurants almost always have an option or two for vegans and vegetarians to enjoy.
The restaurants on this list, however, take vegetarian and vegan dining to a new level.
Marie Catrib’s Take your omnivore friends here for lunch and everybody wins! This Uptown neighborhood hot spot is always packed – take a bite of anything and you’ll understand why. Two “burgers”, the Larry David and the Sweet Potato & Quinoa – once named a PETA’s top five vegan sandwich – are hearty and delicious.
Bartertown Diner The place to go if you want great food and workers who take real ownership in the restaurant, literally. Operating under a collective business model, the worker owned and operated diner serves inventive vegan, vegetarian, and raw fare. The menu changes seasonally based on the availability of fresh, local ingredients.
Little Africa This tiny little Ethiopian gem features a fully vegan menu, the only 100 percent vegan restaurant in the city. Bring friends and share the group platter, which comes with a variety of delectable dishes you’ll eat on injera, a spongy flatbread. Eating with your hands – no cheating with utensils – makes this a fun place to sup.
Brick Road Pizza Craving a slice? Hit up Brick Road Pizza for tons of vegan and vegetarian options. The family owned and operated business has an eco-friendly mission to “consume fewer resources and produce less harmful waste.” They also happen to have killer pizza, along with appetizers, soups, salads, calzones, and pasta. Stop in and try a Mushroom Madness or BBQ Tofu pizza to satisfy your vegetarian or vegan tastes.
Stella’s Lounge Don’t let the fact that GQ’s “Best Burger in America” comes from Stella’s scare you away. This darkly lit hangout treats its vegan and vegetarian customers with the same kind of attention to detail and taste. After you’ve polished off your Sweet Potato Burrito Wrap, Hippy Stuffed Black Bean & Lentil Burger, or the Vegan Meat Loaf, give your fingers a workout by checking out Stella’s huge collection of vintage arcade games.
Know of any other great vegan/vegetarian dishes or spots? Share them with us here!
Photo credit: Yannick B. Gelinas

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