Try These Simple Asparagus Recipes 

Shanthi Appelo
Shanthi Appelo

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Fresh asparagus in an old metal colander
Asparagus is among the first veggies to grow in Michigan’s spring. Though you generally catch asparagus in the produce section in a 10-inch bouquets, the plant can grow a whopping 6 feet long.
This impressive crop makes for an excellent side item as it’s low and calories, rich in nutrients and versatile. Just a half–cup of asparagus satisfies more than half our daily requirement of of the vitamin K, which the body uses to sustain healthy bones and help promote blood clotting.
Asparagus is also naturally high in folate, a vitamin essential cell growth, and is especially important for reducing the risk of neural tube defects in pregnant women. Like a lot of other non-starchy vegetables, it’s high in fiber and has plenty of antioxidants to aid in healthy digestion and help prevent illness.
Asparagus tastes especially delicious when it’s in season. This spring, try one of these simple recipes featuring asparagus:
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