Transform 3 Everyday Ingredients into Easy, Healthy Meals

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Healthy Meals out of Everyday Ingredients
Ever find yourself staring into the refrigerator, uninspired by the food you have on hand? While simple ingredients like roast chicken, black beans or ground turkey may already be staples in your weekly rotation, they can be transformed into delicious and healthy meals with a little creativity. Follow these tips to easily whip up a meal using common items in your fridge, freezer, or pantry.
In your fridge you have: a rotisserie chicken
It isn’t just affordable and pre-cooked, it is also the perfect base for a flavorful lunch or dinner.
In your pantry you have: black beans
Protein-packed black beans are a great ingredient to have stocked regularly. Just drain and rinse the beans and use them to create a vegetarian dish (or, if you’re feeling adventurous, use them in this dessert).
In your freezer you have: a pound of ground turkey
Another protein staple, ground turkey easily works in many different dishes and contains less saturated fat than ground beef.
Don’t have any of those ingredients at home? There are apps and websites that help you take the ingredients you do have and turn them into meals. Some of our favorites include Supercook, AllRecipes and My Fridge Food.

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