Simple app for tracking nutrients

Dr. Angela Seabright
Frank Sorise

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Developed by the Obesity Policy Coalition in an attempt to raise awareness on what people are putting into their bodies to avoid obesity and promote better health, the Traffic Light Food Tracker app is a simple way to start paying more attention to the foods you eat.
Available and free for iPhone, iPad and Android, this app allows you to enter the amount of total fat, saturated fat, sugar and sodium per 100 grams and then will tell you whether each amount is at a high, medium or low level by showing a red, yellow or green light.
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The app is very simple to use and a very basic concept. Once you enter the amount of a certain nutrient into its respective category you can then add the food to your “pantry.” This allows you to name the food, prevents you from looking it up again, and allows you to compare to other foods quickly.
It is designed to help the consumer look past advertisements and marketing and get right to the point about the nutritional facts in a certain product.

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