Nothing says summer like these three burgers on your grill


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Burger sliders on a plate
The quintessential kick off of to summer is uncovering the grill for the first time. For anyone who enjoys cooking, summer is the perfect time for enjoying local produce. Seasonal foods are available and abundant, and can turn your dishes from ordinary to extraordinary. The key is to keep things simple and let the quality of seasonal ingredients shine through.
Summer fare is lighter and often utilizes minimal indoor cooking. To keep the heat out of the house and kitchen, people typically to move the cooking outdoors to the grill. Cooking on the grill always adds a special flavor and ‘festive feeling’ at anytime. Simple, refreshing, and easy preparation techniques keep the work to a minimum and the heat index at bay.
One grilled common specialty is the burger. We’ve seen the burger reinvented many times, yielding new and never-ending concoctions. Here, we take a new spin on a classic twist with out sacrificing and ounce of taste. These recipes offer something for everyone and are more nutritious. We swapped the fat salt and extra calories for a combination of flavors to be the star of any back yard barbeque. Try these Gourmet Everyday grilled sandwich combinations for a terrific summer meal that is both healthy and delicious.
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