The Art of Brewing Coffee: Is pour over better? {Podcast}

Brandon Burbank

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Is pour-over coffee better
Coffee has always appeared to be a staple of the morning ritual. It’s this black, bitter substance that some of us can’t start our day without.
As a new comer to coffee, I wanted to go beyond my home auto-drip maker. I set out to discover more about the science behind brewing and why people are so passionate about it.
I was overwhelmed to see how many styles of coffee there are in the world. There’s auto-drip, French press, percolated, cold brew, vacuum coffee, and nitro to name a few; from my understanding that’s just the brewing style. I haven’t even begun to discover what other flavors are out there.
Throughout my search there was one brewing style that caught my attention – pour-over coffee. The pour-over method is meant to cut the bitterness of coffee while bringing out the flavor of the coffee grounds.
In an effort to learn more about pour-over, I decided to record my experience for A Healthier Michigan podcast.
Highlights include:
  • Peter Hochstedler and Brady Burns of Strange Matter Coffee Co. in Lansing, MI help me understand the process of pour-over and what flavor can be achieved if done right.
  • Steven Puwalski of Germack Coffee Roasting Co. in Detroit, MI talked me through the flavor profile of pour over coffee and shed light on the different notes I should be finding in my cup.
  • Grace Derocha, a registered dietitian and health coach with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, talks with me about the benefits of coffee as well as advice about caffeine intake and what to look out for.
Interested in how to make your own cup of pour over coffee? Visit Counter Culture to learn more.
Is there a brewing style you enjoy more that we didn’t mention here? Let us know in the comments.
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How pour-over coffee is made at Germack Coffee Roasting Co. in Eastern Market located in Detroit, MI. #pourovercoffee #coffee #michigancoffee #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA
Brandon Burbank and Barry Prichard stop by Germack Coffee Roasting Co. to try a cup of pour over coffee.
Photo credit: Brandon Burbank

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