Get Them Before They’re Gone: A Summer Produce Shopping Guide

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summer produce shopping guide
All it takes is one stroll through a farmers’ market in July and it’s obvious that now is the best time of the year to snag delicious Michigan-grown produce. If you love strawberries, corn, tomatoes, peaches and the like, move fast to enjoy them at their peak! To help you stock up on your favorites before it’s too late, we’ve put together a summertime shopping list sharing what to buy, when to buy them and what to do with them once you bring your haul home.
  1. Apples, July through October: Learn about apple varieties and the recipes that showcase them best.
  1. Asparagus, April through June: Have you tried this Caesar asparagus recipe yet?
  1. Beets, May through October: Add this veggie to coleslaw!
  1. Blueberries, July into August: Blueberries make a tasty summer frozen yogurt topping.
  1. Cherries, June and July: You can make this summer staple last all year long.
  1. Corn, mid-June through mid-August: Use it as a condiment for burgers with this corn relish recipe.
  1. Green beans, July through September: Green bean hummus is the epitome of delicious and nutritious.
  1. Herbs, May through October: This summer salad is a perfectly refreshing way to use basil.
  1. Melons, July through September: When you want a snack, these cantaloupe and prosciutto skewers are as easy as it gets.
  1. Peaches, July and August” Try this creative take on grilled peaches.
  1. Raspberries, June into August: Use your raspberries for a light snack to satisfy late-night cravings.
  1. Spinach, May through October: Spinach goes beyond salad in this breakfast casserole.
  1. Strawberries, June and July: Did you know strawberries can help keep you hydrated?
  1. Tomatoes, July through October: Need tomato recipe ideas? We’ve got 10!
  1. Zucchini, July through October: Zucchini in brownies?! You bet!
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