“Superhuman” Jim Dreyer Ready for Next Aquatic Feat of Strength

Julie Bitely

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Jim Dreyer's swim
Even though he’s recovering from a rotator cuff injury, Michigan native Jim Dreyer is set to attempt what’s arguably his most strenuous feat of strength to date.
On Saturday, Aug. 15, Dreyer will pull a new Lincoln MKC on a barge while swimming 3.58 miles to Mackinac Island. The total weight of his cargo is approximately 16.5 tons!
The swim is scheduled to start at 6 a.m. and will take place between just outside the swimming area of the American Legion Memorial Beach in St. Ignace and the docks at British Landing on Mackinac Island. The direction of the swim could change, depending on conditions.
Dubbed “The Human Tugboat” and named a “Superhuman” in the TV series Stan Lee’s Superhumans last August, Dreyer is known for his ultra-endurance, ultra-strength swimming accomplishments. His upcoming swim will raise awareness for the first-annual Mighty Mac Swim, in which 84 participants will swim across the Straits of Mackinac in an effort to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity.
Jim Dreyer 3
Pfeiffer Lincoln has donated a two-year lease on the Lincoln MKC Dreyer will be pulling on the barge. The vehicle will be raffled off at the finish line of the Mighty Mac Swim on Labor Day. Swimmers have been selling raffle tickets for the car and The Original Murdick’s Fudge Company has teamed with Pfeiffer Lincoln to give away half-pound boxes of fudge for every raffle ticket sold in special promotions. Dreyer plans to fill the car with fudge from Murdick’s on Aug. 15 to use in further fundraising efforts, which have so far netted over $270,000 for the organization.
Almost unbelievably, Dreyer didn’t learn to swim until the age of 32. He discovered a passion and talent for it, setting a world record at the age of 34 when he swam across Lake Michigan in 1998.
“If you don’t face your fears, you might have talents you’d never even know about,” he said.
Knowing that he’s swimming for something bigger than himself, in this case Habitat for Humanity, makes a big difference when it comes to mentally overcoming such a big swim.
“In my darkest hours, if my mind and body have had as much as they can take, I’m swimming on emotion,” Dreyer said.
He expects to close in on $300,000 raised before the Mighty Mac Swim.
“Our fundraising success has been a team effort,” Dreyer said. “I don’t want to let anyone down, and I plan to put on a good show. My event, however, just sets the stage for the big show on Labor Day. Let’s not forget that these 84 fine athletes … are the real heroes for making a difference in improving lives for Michigan families, while doing something extraordinary.”
For more information on the Aug. 15 event or to follow Dreyer’s progress during the swim, go to his website. Donate to your favorite swimmer here.
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