Six iPhone fitness apps that could change your health

Dr. Angela Seabright
Carly Getz

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Fitness apps have come a long way from simply tracking distance ran or calorie intake. A recent article compiled a list of intriguing and effective iPhone fitness apps. The article groups the apps into six categories: motivators, activity trackers, workout guides, nutrition helpers, sleep aids and exercise gamification.
Here’s my top six:
  1. Charity Miles: Earn money and raise awareness for your favorite charity every time you walk, run or bike.
  1. TempoRun: Sync your music tempo to your running pace to maximize your workout.
  1. Ghost Race: We all know we push harder in the midst of competition. Enter desired pace to create a virtual ghost to run against, or just use your own past data.
  1. Jetfit: Customize your own workouts from a vast exercise database and then use Jetfit to track your reps, sets, and the weight you’re lifting.
  1. Fooducate: Scan food items from the store for food information (including a letter grade!) to help you get keep a healthier fridge.
  1. Sleep Cycle: Set your phone on your mattress and this app will analyze your sleep based on movement and wake you up in the lightest sleep phase so you feel rested.
  1. Nexercise: Virtual points not cutting it? Use this app to earn gift cards and other tangible prizes.
You can view the complete list here. These are just a few of the countless creative and effective apps on the market. Do some research and find one that works best for you. For more ways to utilize technology to get healthy, check out these seven fitness gadgets.
Are you using an app to help you stay healthy?
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