Local Television Anchor Happy to be Part of Winter Warm Up Story

Julie Bitely

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winter warm up
Lansing area TV anchor Lauren Evans has been the on-air face of the Winter Warm Up program for the past few years, but it’s not just another story to her. It inspires her to get active and healthy just as it does the many who annually take part in Winter Warm Up programs, including the Blues Community Challenge.
Lauren Evans (courtesy photo)
Lauren Evans
(courtesy photo)
The WILX 10 anchor files regular stories about the eight-week challenge to get mid-Michigan moving, but it also motivates her to go after personal health goals. Since the Winter Warm Up started in January, Evans said she’s been active most days of the week.
“I’m trying to do a mix of circuit training and cardio indoors,” she said. “I’m not brave enough to get outside in the snow and ice yet.”
Evans said the Winter Warm Up is a great way to find the motivation to work out through a tough Michigan winter. Fitting in physical activity makes her feel happier, more energetic, and better equipped to take on the work day.
“I think it makes a huge difference. Not only do I feel better, but I eat better because I know how much hard work it took to exercise,” she said.
Evans said the Winter Warm Up’s growth has changed the way she covers it. In the past, her Friday updates would preview Saturday events, but the communities involved have expanded options to be active all week long, making a weekly rundown of events close to impossible.
Instead, she’s worked on stories that spotlight the ways in which different communities are incorporating the Winter Warm Up into what they do. Recent stories have highlighted free fitness events and how Delhi Township has encouraged students in their community to move.
Evans encourages people to attend the Winter Warm Up celebration and 5K run/walk on March 22 at Hawk Island Park. For those not yet on the Winter Warm Up bandwagon, Evans said making just one change toward a healthier lifestyle, such as walking, is a good place to start. Once you’ve developed one healthy habit, keep adding new ones.
“I really think that snowballs into having a bigger effect and a bigger impact on your emotional and physical wellbeing,” she said.
Register for the Winter Warm Up 5K Fun Run/Walk today at www.runsignup.com/winterwarmup. The Blues Community Challenge results, Healthy Lifestyle Ambassador awards, and Healthy Habits Essay Contest will all take place after the race, and a special Let’s Walk and Talk with a Doctor event will take place before the race.

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