Keep All of Your Goals on Track This Holiday Season

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HealthyMe will help you reach your goals
Are you planning on waiting until January 1st to adopt all new healthy habits? Why not get a jumpstart on your goals so that when you flip the calendar to 2015, you’re already on your way. Before you say no, rest assured that you can still indulge in pumpkin pie and cookies. But in between those treat-filled moments, you’ll be focused on your healthy goals and will make progress, even during the holidays.
The best way to stay motivated all holiday season is to sign up with #HealthyMe. It’s a free online resource created to help Michiganders set and achieve their goals while getting support from others across the state.
How It Works
#HealthyMe is ahealth and wellness community that empowers Michigan residents to live a healthier life. Once you sign up, you’ll choose the kind of health topics you want to learn about and set your specific goals. You’ll then receive personalized blog content and get access to a health goal tracker so you always remember what you’re working towards.
Who Else Is On #HealthyMe?
More than 10,000 Michiganders have already signed up to be #HealthyMe members, creating a total of 1,417 goals in 2014. They will encourage you in your current goals and inspire you to set new ones.
What Kind of Goals Have Others Set?
Of the 1,417 goals created this year, the most popular topics have included:
  • Eating fewer calories and choosing more nutritious foods
  • Exercising more
  • Training for a race and becoming a runner
  • Learning new healthy recipes and cooking more
  • Figuring out how to feel less stressed
  • Cutting out tobacco
Specific goals have included everything from cooking healthy meals four nights a week to practicing gratitude by journaling three days a week. There are no restrictions on what the goal is about and no limit to the number of goals you can create! What’s most important is that you set yourself up for success by creating specific, measurable goals.
How Do I Start?
First, create your #HealthyMe profile, familiarize yourself with the online dashboard and create your first goal. Next, put yourself to work! Little steps are key, like preparing meals on Sunday for the week or signing up for a few yoga classes. What you do today matters. There are still two months left in 2014, don’t wait 60 more days to start becoming a healthier you.
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