First of Three School Days Games a Hit with West Michigan Students

Julie Bitely

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school days games
Students from across West Michigan packed the stands for the first of three West Michigan Whitecaps School Days Games, presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.
Educational activities and health and wellness challenges greeted attendees as they streamed in to watch the Whitecaps take on the Bowling Green Hot Rods.
Students from William C. Abney Academy in Grand Rapids attended the game as a reward for meeting reading goals back in March.
“All of the students who met their goal got to come out,” said 1st-grade teacher Taryn Grace. “They loved it.”
A sit-up competition station was part of the fun at today's West Michigan Whitecaps School Days Game, presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.
A sit-up competition station was part of the fun at today’s West Michigan Whitecaps School Days Game, presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.
First-graders Aniyah Rogers and SuRiyah Blackman, both 6, said the chance to attend the Whitecaps game got them fired up to read more and that they were both excited to spend a fun day away from the classroom.
“I like to just watch the people out in the field playing,” Rogers said.
Claire Titcombe is a social worker at Forest Hills Eastern Middle and High schools. She accompanied students taking part in a peer-to-peer program that matches autistic students with classmates for a mutually beneficial learning experience. The day provided an opportunity for students to bond outside of the classroom.
“We were really excited to see them interact in a bigger environment,” she said.
Christopher Pahman and Jordan Ross check out one of the educational stations at the first West Michigan Whitecaps’ School Days Game, held Wednesday.
The game was a first for Comstock Park Pine Island Elementary 5th-graders Jordan Ross and Christopher Pahman, both 11. Ross said seeing the players live and hearing the announcements was a lot different than watching baseball on TV.
Victoria McClain, mom to Ross, served as a chaperone on the trip. She said she enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with her son and his classmates.
“I think it’s really nice, especially for the kids who haven’t ever been to a baseball game before,” she said.
Two more School Days games are scheduled. The first takes place tomorrow, May 14 and the final game will be held on June 3. On both days, gates open at 9:30 a.m. and the game begins at 11 a.m. Order tickets here.
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