Detroit-Style Aerobics with Pulse Fitness

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Detroit's Pulse Fitness
What do you get when you mix a little Detroit attitude with high intensity cardio? According to D-SKO creator Corey Sims, it’s a workout class unlike any other.
“I like to say it’s like football practice to music,” said Sims, a personal trainer who created the Detroit-style aerobics and strength training class.
The class is a mix of boot camp, kickboxing and hip hop dance that is now offered at Pulse Fitness gym in Detroit and Royal Oak. Sims says the routine doesn’t include many complex movements, but that might be open to some interpretation.
Watch our video below to find out the A Healthier Michigan team held up after 60 non-stop minutes of DSKO with our instructor and fellow Blue Cross coworker Andrea King.
My biggest takeaway besides a great workout? Remind me never to get in a dance battle.
For class information and availability, visit
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Pulse Fitness Detroit - DSKO Dance Class
Photo credit: A Healthier Michigan

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