Don’t Convince Yourself That Losing Weight is Impossible

Jodi Davis

| 3 min read

“Losing weight is impossible for me. I’ve tried to diet all summer long and all I do is gain weight!”
Have you heard those words lately? Are they coming from someone else’s mouth… or from yours? Well, today I want to help motivate the person who believes that losing weight is unattainable; that nothing short of a miracle will allow it to happen.
Did you know that those words came out of my mouth for years? Summers to me meant bathing suits and shorts. I dieted every single summer in the hopes I’d look good in them. I was unsuccessful for over two decades.
Then at age 35, I discovered that I was wrong. Losing weight was not impossible, but I had convinced myself that it was.
When I realized at the age of 10 that I was much larger than all the other kids in my fifth grade class, I knew I needed to do something about it. Of course, the word diet goes along with wanting to lose weight, so I did just that — I tried to diet.
I failed.
When I became a teenager, I tried even more things to help me shed the pounds. More extensive diets, numerous diet pills, skipping meals, sometimes I would even go a couple days without food. I may have lost a few pounds — of water weight — and always gained the weight back, and for some reason a few more pounds hopped on right along with them. I failed, again.
Did I feel I tried everything but just couldn’t lose weight? Yes. Did I believe I was just meant to be fat forever? Yes. Did I accept that losing weight was impossible for Jodi? Yes.
Yet I’m sitting here today knowing that all my excess weight is gone! One hundred sixty-two pounds melted away! I’m trying to help you realize that you can lose your weight — and stop feeling like it is impossible.
You must stop subconsciously convincing yourself that LOSING WEIGHT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME. Obviously if you keep trying to persuade yourself of that, then it comes to be. Honestly, have these words helped you succeed in the past? No? Then change the way you think. I did. I learned to believe that losing weight is possible for me. It made sense that I could lose the weight by living a new healthy lifestyle. I believed I would achieve weight loss success.
Thus the saying: believe and you’ll achieve.
Hey, we teach our children that when it comes to schoolwork, don’t we? We encourage them and help them to believe in themselves… that they can do it! We don’t tell them daily that they will fail and never be successful, so why do that to yourself? A good question, huh?
I have an idea: starting today, believe that losing weight is possible for you. It’s the beginning of new month, a new school year and a great time for you to focus on a new, healthy lifestyle.
What does a new, healthy lifestyle include? Becoming more physically active, remembering that briskly walking daily for only 22 minutes was the key to my 162-pound weight loss. Walking is free, fun, and it works wonders! A healthier lifestyle also includes using your ability to make healthier food choices — you know how, it’s time for you to do it!
If you have children who are starting school on Tuesday, let them know that you will be starting a new lifestyle at the same time. You can encourage them to focus on a healthy report card, and they can encourage you to focus on ahealthy lifestyle.
Losing your weight isn’t unattainable, it isn’t impossible and it doesn’t take a miracle. It takes believing it will happen, and then it will. You’ll see!
Photo by joeduty.

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