Awesome Michigan-made app alert: TempoRun

Dr. Angela Seabright
Mike Miller

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I’m not the most avid runner, but when I do run I prefer to have music. There’s nothing like hitting stride with one of your favorite songs; it helps keep your energy level up. This is a good thing, as studies have shown that running while listening to music can boost performance and endurance by as much as 15%.
The trouble is that not every song on the ol’ iPod is great for running, and having to skip through half a dozen tunes or more to find the next “right” one is a pain and drains the energy level of a run. Sure, you can make a playlist, but who has time for that?
Fortunately, a group of Michigan State University students felt the same way.
Inspired by that same letdown in energy during a run through East Lansing, after blissfully running to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself,” the idea for a mobile app came to CEO Josh Lieder. Josh and a handful of other MSU students have developed an application for the iPhone/iPod called TempoRun that takes the hassle out of managing your music so you can focus on your run.
TempoRun has three key functions:
It’s primary role, TempoRun organizes the songs in your iPhone or iPod into intensity levels based upon each song’s tempo. You then choose a level to run to and TempoRun plays those songs for you. Levels range from 1 – 10, with 1 being a walking pace, 5 is a jog, and 10 is a full on sprint. Level 6, at 180 bpm, is ideal for running.
If your device’s library of songs is a bit meager, no problem. TempoRun provides TempoRadio: A digital streaming radio station of music using the same tempo level ratings.
TempoRun also has a full compliment of run tracking, statistic and history functions, making it an ideal, all-in-one running application.
Building upon TempoRun’s success, the crew at TempoRun is currently working on TempoRun 2.0 for iOS7, packing it with even more features. They hope to have it ready for roll out by year’s end. After the release of TempoRun 2.0, they’ll look to continue to build TempoRun into a brand synonymous with fitness and music.
Photo credit: TempoRun

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