5 Questions You Forgot to Ask Your Personal Trainer

Dr. Angela Seabright
Adriane Davis

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If you’re anything like me and have struggled to lose weight on your own, even after changing your diet and going to the gym, you may consider hiring a personal trainer. The decision to hire a trainer is a personal one because this person has to motivate you effectively to help you reach your goals. But personal trainers can be expensive and, in order to get your money’s worth, there are five key questions that you should ask before making that investment.
  1. What are your motivation tactics?
Motivation is key to keeping up your enthusiasm during a workout and an overall change to your lifestyle. Personal trainers all have different motivation methods and knowing ahead of time, what those methods are, will help you down the line. If your personal trainer is less aggressive in their motivation, you may not be inspired to go to the gym. But if you trainer is too aggressive, you may be turned off from the gym completely and lose all motivation for getting in shape.
  1. What is your fitness philosophy?
Personal trainers should have some foundation for what they do and why do it. Choosing a personal trainer is a commitment for the both of you, and you should be aware of why they’re making you work so hard toward a particular goal, even if it doesn’t quite make sense at the time. Knowing the foundation and core of their fitness beliefs will make the harder parts of personal training make more sense. It also helps to know what they believe because if your two philosophies don’t coincide, it might be beneficial to get a different trainer.
  1. Why are you a personal trainer?
Your personal trainer should be able to answer this question quickly without hesitation. A personal trainer should be committed to fitness and a total healthy lifestyle in order to be able to properly train you.
  1. How do you stay fit?
Their answer to this question will help you determine what kind of training plan they will make for you. Most personal trainers will base their training plans off what they do themselves, with their client’s goals in mind. If your personal trainer uses cardio or aerobics to stay in shape, then get ready to run because they most likely will start you off in that area.
  1. Are you CPR and AED certified?
This is a very important question that you may have overlooked in your initial interview. Personal trainers who are not CPR and AED certified are putting your life at risk because if something happens, they may not know the proper treatment that could potentially save your life.
These are only five of the questions you should ask, but before you hire a trainer, be sure to do your research. Click here to see a bigger list of questions to ask before you take that step.
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