Volunteers, anyone? Give back & get happy

Kristina Williams-Lee

| 2 min read

My volunteer kiddo superheroes, Thanksgiving 2011
My kiddos in their fashionable plastic hair caps at Meals on Wheels, Thanksgiving 2011
A lot of us – myself included – muddle through November and December, fighting the holiday blues because we can’t afford to get all of the stuff that we see on TV. And some are missing loved ones that are no longer here, leaving those left behind with a void that nothing in this world can fill completely.
But if you’re looking to give depression or seasonal affective disordera run for its money this year, here’s one tried and true way to do it: Volunteer.
Nothing ignites the spirits of love and gratitude like giving your time, heart and hands – or money, if you have it – to those who need it most. And in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, the world could use more than a few selfless hearts to cover those who can’t cover themselves.
Here are a few places around Michigan to check out:

Lansing area

The Greater Lansing Food Bank‘s Tackle Hunger Food Drive is happening tomorrow, November 17th at the North end of Spartan Stadium in East Lansing. Volunteers will be provided rolling bins to collect donated food from 8:45 am until just after the game starts at noon. For more information, contact the GLFB at (517) 853-7800.

Detroit Metropolitan area

Forgotten Harvest has a need for volunteers year-round, and welcomes both individuals and groups that are ready to give their time to driving out hunger. Check out their Volunteer Experience page to learn more.

The UP

The Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly – Upper Peninsula Michigan Chapter needs help for Thanksgiving Day at their 11 sites to serve food, clean up, transport elderly guests and deliver hot meals. Other volunteer opportunities are available, both before and after the holiday. For more information, contact Cathy Aten, Volunteer Coordinator, at [email protected] .
Do you know of other volunteer opportunities around Michigan?
Share them with the world using the Comments section below.
By the way – there’s nothing wrong with getting your kids involved, if you’ve got willing ones and the organization says it’s ok. My children and I have made it a tradition to get up and help out at Meals on Wheels every Thanksgiving morning, and as you can see in my photo, we love it. I’m sure you will, too.
Photo credit: Kristina Williams-Lee

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