Cancel Your Reservations: Plan for Adventure this Valentine’s Day

Julie Bitely

| 2 min read

have a valentine's day adventure
Does your Valentine’s Day checklist include flowers, chocolates and a fancy dinner?
While there’s nothing wrong with the tried and true, we challenge you to plan something a little more adventurous this year. Here are some ideas and places to try to make this Valentine’s Day your most memorable yet.
  • Go rock climbing. How much do you trust your partner? Find out on the other end of their rock climbing belay line. Scale new romance heights at Higher Ground in Grand Rapids, Planet Rock in Ann Arbor, or Climb Kalamazoo.
  • Find an outdoor ice-skating rink. There’s no better excuse to hold hands and lean on each other for support than gliding – or shakily shuffling – your way across the ice. Warm up your hearts and hands with hot chocolate afterward. Find a rink near you.
  • Take a cooking class. This way you’ll still get that fancy meal, but your bond will be that much stronger after working to prepare it as a team. Grand Rapids’ Downtown Market offers classes, Sur La Table has many locations across the state, Mirepoix – The Holiday Market Cooking School has offerings in Royal Oak, and Oryana Natural Foods Market in Traverse City is also a good bet.
  • Learn to dance. Tango, foxtrot, hip-hop – whatever your tempo as a couple, there’s probably a class in Michigan to help you find the groove. There are many Arthur Murray locations across the state, Dance Theatre Studio in Ann Arbor has many adult classes to choose from, as does the Dance Academy of Michigan, which offers several locations.
  • Go BOYO. Boxing and yoga combined? If this isn’t a metaphor for the yin and yang of relationships, we don’t know what is. Sign up for this perfect pairing with your better half at Jabs Gym, located at Eastern Market in Detroit.
Need help convincing your significant other to try something new on the biggest date night of the year? Science is on your side. Research shows that couples who seek out and experience new things together are happier and more satisfied with their relationship.
So, in the name of love, get out there and enjoy yourselves!
What are your favorite adventure date night ideas? Share in the comments.
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Photo credit: Chris Hau

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