Get Your Blog On: How To Share Information You Are Passionate About

Registered Dietician

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blog panel group
From left to right: Jennifer Digmann, Dan Digmann, Kati Mora, Patti Brehler, Gus (the puppy-in-training) and me.
I had the opportunity to sit on a panel of bloggers for the Social Media Club Great Lakes Bay. It was interesting and refreshing to hear what other people are blogging about, and what really inspires them to share certain information with the online world.
I’d like to share my experience with you, so you can also benefit and learn from the wonderful people I met.

Registered Dietitian Bloggers Unite

Kati Mora, one of the bloggers I met on the panel, is a fellow registered dietitian. Naturally, we were bonding almost immediately. She is the brains behind Mora Nutrition and the organizer and founder of the Around the Plate blog.
Kati has great ambition as an entrepreneur, along with the focus and drive to make sure that the public gets accurate nutrition information in a way that is easy to understand. I enjoy seeing fellow registered dietitians – integral voices in the health care space – sharing and inspiring people.

Man’s Best Friend

Patti is a volunteer for the Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester, Michigan. She raises puppies so that they will be able to help others one day. I love how Patti is able to pay it forward, while also spending quality time with man’s best friend.
I had the pleasure of meeting Gus, one of the puppies in training, during the panel festivities. He is adorable, and very well-behaved for a puppy. It was very difficult not to pet him while he was on the job.
For more stories, insights, and blogs from Patti check out plays well with puppies. The name of her blog is perfect because she does just that, but with a great cause attached to it.

Focus on MS

blog panel
From left to right: Jennifer Digmann, Dan Digmann, Kati Mora, me, and Patti Brehler
“Sharing stories of our day-to-day life to inspire and educate people about multiple sclerosis,” is how Dan and Jennifer Digmann describe their blog. Dan and Jennifer both have multiple sclerosis (MS) and as I listened to them speak on the panel, I was moved. Dan mentioned that MS brought him Jennifer, so he will always be thankful.
They inspired me so much that I am choreographing some of my old dance students to perform at an MS charity event. Thank you Dan and Jennifer.
I enjoyed meeting my fellow panelists at the and I am grateful for the stories, passion and inspiration.

It’s Your Turn

After speaking on this dynamic panel, I learned that blogs include such a fabulous, wide range of topics, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try. Everyone has an interesting story to share and something they are passionate about – how about you?
What is your passion? Do you share your story by blogging? Let me know what tips you have for me and other future bloggers.

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